By Venita MacGorman, Area 9 Education Chair

Your new Board of Directors asks you “How can we help?” What new things would you like to learn? These are unusual times, to say the least! Many of us are ringing in new configurations or away from tables altogether. Would you like to learn some new and creative ways to use bells in the worship service other than playing the prelude or “special music”? Would you like lists of music for small ensembles? Do you need instruction in 4-in-hand, bell trees or other solo ringing techniques?

We have heard from choral directors that they are starting up (or starting BACK up) handbell choirs because they are not currently able to use vocal ensembles. School music teachers are investigating the possibilities of using handchimes in music education. Are you one of these directors — or do you know one? Your Area Board has experts in the field who can give instructions for starting and maintaining a bell choir and in basic (and advanced) ringing techniques.

Virtual instruction is the new workshop format! We can help with individual instruction or group workshops via Facetime, Zoom, or other virtual formats. Please let us know what subjects would be of interest to you! Contact or find contact information for any board members listed on our website. We really want to hear from you! How can we help?