Handbell Bucks!Good grief do handbell ringers like to talk! We are surely one of the talkiest bunch of like-minded folk I can think of. You can see this in rehearsal, when your director has to whistle through her teeth to get everyone settled down and focused back on ringing. You can see it at festivals, when the dull drone of side conversations is a constant. We can’t even stop talking online; post a question on handbell-L, and sit back and watch the opinions roll in in a matter of seconds. And there is very little we enjoy talking about as much as handbells!

So how about making that work for you? Who wants to earn some money just from talking about handbells?

There’s a new program that rewards you for referring new members to HMA. Simply have the person you refer go to handbellmusicians.org and click the Join Now red ribbon on our home page to start the join process, and enter your name (the name on your membership) in the Referring Member field at the bottom of the form. Boom. You get $5 in handbell bucks. Are you going to Pinnacle this summer? That’s $5 off. Or is it time to renew your own membership? Hey…$5 off. And the best part about this offer is that there is no limit to how many handbell bucks you can earn! Every time a new member joins, the referring member gets another five bucks added to their account automatically. All of the details for earning and redeeming handbell bucks can be found at handbellmusicians.org/bucks

So talk away. Share your love for this instrument, and for the organization that shares it with so many. And watch your money grow!

Stevie Berryman
Membership Chair
Handbell Musicians of America Area 9