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Did you know that our communications/social media chair took a stab at a daily event blog on the Area 9 website? Did you know there were pictures uploaded to Facebook almost every day? If you didn’t, you should check out the fun and activities of Summit 2016: The Ocean Journey!

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Notes from Attendees
“Thanks for providing this best of best opportunities to do something we all love (ringing) while doing something else I’ve always wanted to do (cruise). Everything Linda and I experienced was over the top. I could not complain if I wanted to simply because, well, everything was absolutely the best ever. And most importantly, the new faces and acquaintances were all so pleasant all the time, every day, that it seemed like we were in paradise. And also to you and all who were responsible for choosing Stephanie as our clinician, the highest of kudos for what I deemed the perfect choice. She remains the consummate professional, educator and easy to love person/musician I know. So, again, Ruth, “thanks for the memories” and for a wonderful job of organizing everything and everyone. Looking forward to our next adventure!”
–– Sam Jackson