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Liberty of the Seas has given lots of people many firsts in their lives. Today was a first for thirty ringers and around fifty passengers – a handbell concert on a cruise ship!

Today was the last day of Summit 2016. We all gathered in the conference center knowing it would be our last day together. Stephanie Rhoades had us put some finishing touches on each piece and even sing along with the ‘Star Spangled Banner.’

After running through each piece, we had a quick break and blocked a stairway for a quick group photo. (Don’t tell the cruise ship about that last part. 😉)

Concert time arrived at 11:00 am. We had between fifty and sixty people for our mini-concert. Several audience members were spouses, fiancées, and significant others; but most of the audience was passengers Summit attendees met on port excursions or around the ship.

After ringing all four songs, the audience wanted an encore even though Stephanie warned them that we did not have an encore. As seasoned cruise ship handbell ringers, we improvised an encore by ringing the last twenty measures or so of ‘Firework’ while inviting the audience to sing along. They loved it!

The afternoon has found each of us trying to sneak in those last hours of sunbathing, ice skating, surfing on Flowrider, and pool time. A few of us who are more prone to sunburning than sunbathing did begin our packing. Tonight we will have an exclusive Summit 2016 receipt in the Star Lounge, and will have one last dinner together.

Tomorrow we will disembark by 9:45 am to begin loading all of the equipment in a cargo van and make our ways home by plain, train, and automobile. But, remember to check in as our Summit 2016 blog day seven is tomorrow so you can know about all of the behind the scenes things that have happened at Summit 2016.


If you enjoyed this blog post from our Social Media & Communications Chair – Jeremy Springer – please stay tuned as we will have one new post and lots of new photos each day of Summit 2016: The Ocean Journey.