Adam SamuelsThis article was written by Adam Samuels, West Texas Representative

Always behind the times, I recently discovered through Netflix the first season of the television show ‘Madam Secretary.’ It stars Téa Leoni as Elizabeth McCord, a former CIA analyst and college professor who is promoted to United States Secretary of State. Several times in the series, there are references to keeping things within The Company, implying within the CIA.

Do you ever think we try to keep ringing inside The Choir? Does anyone else in your church or community know how much fun ringers have in Handbell rehearsals? Do we always keep fun as a secret?

Ringers: fun-having is officially declassified! You are free to go about your life telling others about the joy of ringing. In fact, we are now deputizing you as a double-agent. We are sending you out amongst non-ringers.

The best place to start is the people you know. Has someone in your Sunday school class recently retired and is now on the look for volunteer projects? Do you know a family new to your community? The weekly rehearsal schedules for our ensembles are institutions. No one would dare suggest a new evening for rehearsal, yet week-night conflicts are common. If you knew of a potential ringer with a rehearsal conflict, would you be willing to recommend them to another ensemble with a different rehearsal schedule?

Ringers, we must stick together. Do it for The Choir.