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Day two brought a very early morning for most of the cruisers including those attending Summit 2016 – it was Cozumel day!The ship docked in port and ran the Mexican flag up the mast between 5 am and 6 am. The ship’s crew had breakfast ready and the gangway prepped to get 4,000 people off of the ship to experience all of the wonder and histories of Cozumel, Mexico.

Passengers and Summit attendees got to experience a wide variety of shore excursions from exclusive beach properties and shopping in downtown to seeing Mayan ruins and driving Jeeps on the beach.

If you are wondering what this blogger did in Cozumel, you will be wildly saddened – I slept late. Having been to Cozumel several times as a child and on a cruise just last year, I have experienced most of what Cozumel has to offer me. However, it was incredible to hear the tales and adventures of my fellow passengers and friends.

I did leave a hours worth of walking in Cozumel as I did leave the ship to walk around and visit the Hard Rock Cafe. While you may be wondering why I would go to the Hard Rock Cafe, it is a fun answer – I am trying to visit all of the HRCs in the world. I collect a unique lapel pin from each Cafe to remember my visit. After the quick jont on land, I logged many more steps exploring the ship and taking lots of photos for the Area 9 Facebook page. I also enjoyed some rest and relaxation by the pool while getting some sun. I was the only person at the pool!

Everyone was back on board around 3:30 pm allowing the ship to head back to international waters. Most of the attendees of Summit 2016 had enough time to de-sand and get rid of wind-blown hair before dinner.

Dinner has been a fun time discussing different topics of the day, learning more about those at your table, and trying to figure out what you want from the menu. Tonight’s dining experience included a fun conga line and dance party from the wait staff.

The rest of the evening found people exploring different themed areas of the ship like Olive or Twist, Schooners, Fuel, or Casino Royal. There was an amazing show in the Platinum Theater entitled ‘In the Air’ featuring Cirque du Soleil-styled acts showcasing the four elements – earth, fire, wind, and water.

So many other things are happening right now for guests of all ages. There are cupcakes to decorate, ice cream to scoop, karaoke to sing, buffets to peruse, and enough live music to fill every genre.

Oh! For those wondering, my step count is the lowest of anyone I talked to today. I am only at 9,678 steps while others on the ship have logged anywhere from 13,000 to 17,000 steps.


If you enjoyed this blog post from our Social Media & Communications Chair – Jeremy Springer – please stay tuned as we’ll have one new post and lots of new photos each day of Summit 2016: The Ocean Journey.