Ruth SeiwellThis article written by Ruth Seiwell, Area 9 Chair

Area 9 is alive, well and perking along! We have had very successful events this year. Thank YOU for making them successful. Without attendees, events just don’t work!

This article is my last note as Chair of Area 9. The torch passes to Wilson Van Tine as of October 1. I will continue to be part of the board as Past-Chair, but primary leadership moves on. It has been my privilege to work with each member of the current board as well as the many Area 9 members.

The Spring Rings were great fun and well attended. The cruise this summer was delightful- I wish each of you could have joined us. Ringing the National Anthem at the Ranger’s game was a true highlight of the year! I could not have been more surprised when I was contacted by the Ranger’s organization last January. Thanks to every board member and person who attended any event or participated in any way.

I was also privileged to attend the International Symposium 2016, Soundings, in Vancouver this summer. I highly recommend attending an international event if the opportunity arises for you. Meeting, visiting with and ringing with handbell people from across the globe is truly beautiful and inspirational.

We have two Back 2 Bells offered in Area 9 this fall, one in Bedford, TX and one in Houston, TX. If you know of anyone associated with an organization that has a set of bells that are unused or who want to start or participate in a handbell group, pass the information about Back 2 Bells along to them. It requires no Handbell Musicians of America membership and is a fantastic opportunity to network and to refresh bell knowledge and skills.

It has been a great two years, and I look forward to many, many more!