Venita MacGormanThis article written by Venita MacGorman, Education Chair

Over the years, I have collected “bell-isms” – wise or at least interesting sayings from ringers at workshops and massed ringing events. Whenever I lead a workshop or conduct at an event, I invite ringers to add to my collection. Below is a short sampling that you may use in any way you wish! All of the sayings below came straight from a ringer’s mouth!

1. Anything in Italian means “watch the director.”
2. Music must either sing or dance; it never stands still.
3. A bell in your hand is worth two on the floor, but is worth nothing if you don’t ring it!
4. Always look in every possible direction before you tower swing!
5. Non- stop talkers are the reason all directors’ batons have pointed ends.
6. Never question a director whose face has turned purple.
7. If you show up late to a rehearsal, do not wear white gloves – the blood stains are difficult to remove.
8. The director is always right; even when he/she is wrong.

Hmm…#5 to #8 seem to have some common threads here. Do we need something from the director’s point of view?

9. A short pencil is better than a long memory.
10. If you are going to make a mistake, make it a big, sincere one. I can’t correct it if I can’t hear it. It will also help
me know you are alive.

And my personal favorite from a group of high school ringers at a summer camp…

11. The music is bigger than the mistake you just made!