Patty HighlandThis article written by Patty Highland, Area 9 Chair

The church where I serve recently welcomed a new pastor. To get to know the church and its ministries/activities, and then to help cast a vision for the future, the pastor led several small groups through an exercise. He asked each person to answer only three questions:
• What do you love about the church?
• What is confusing about the church?
• What is missing?

As I reflect on these questions, I realize that they are great questions for any organization. As Area 9 welcomes its 2018/2020 board, we pause to reflect on the past and cast dreams for the future. These three questions are great questions not only for the board members to ponder but for all area residents to think about.

The mission of Handbell Musicians of America is: “Uniting people to create a diverse community in which handbell musicians of all skill levels realize their full potential through a musically respected art form.” Given that mission:
• What do you love about Area 9?
• What is confusing?
• What is missing?

I invite you to reflect on these questions, then send me an email with your thoughts and dreams. Your Area 9 board is here to support handbell musicians in Oklahoma and Texas – that means YOU! We want you to be part of the visions and dreams of the future. Email your responses to [email protected].

Finally, to paraphrase Dori (from Disney/Pixar’s Finding Nemo): Just keep ringing. Just keep ringing.