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Uniting people in Oklahoma and Texas to create a diverse community in which handbell musicians of all skill levels realize their full potential through a musically respected art form.

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A Single Voice

This article written by Amy Haller, Area 9 Texas Representative (South) I have been thinking a lot lately about language: how it affects our everyday lives, and how it can help or hinder our efforts to communicate with the people around us – friends, family,...

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

This article written by Jill Fite, Area 9 Education Chair Growing a garden and directing a handbell choir are very similar activities. Ten years ago, I started both of these things. I had always planted flowers around porches and sidewalks but never had the...

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It’s Time to Vote!

It is time once again to elect our leaders for Area 9 of the Handbell Musicians of America. We will be electing a new Chair-Elect, who will begin serving immediately due to the vacancy in the Chair-Elect position, then continue serving in this position...

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I’m Listening

This article written by Josh Fitzgerald, Area 9 Secretary I think everyone reading this article would agree that music has a profound impact on their life. For some, the love and study of music have developed into a full or part-time vocation and one of life’s major...

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