• You Can Do It!

    This article written by Jill Fite, Area 9 Education Chair My perspective is one of smallness. I live in a small town and attend a small church with a small membership from which to draw ringers. If you are in this situation, take heart. It is still possible to have a vibrant handbell program. With […]

  • Is there Psychology in Handbell Ringing?

    This article written by Josh Fitzgerald, Area 9 Secretary I recently attended a week-long course related to my small (non-music) business. The course was designed to teach all areas of a single content; but of course, in reality, the lessons required further discussion on how this one business area related to many other areas of […]

  • Travel. Handbells. Love.

    This article written by Linda Rutherford, Area 9 Treasurer Several years ago I read an article about volunteering abroad. Since I love to travel, I thought it would be an interesting way to see and interact in the local area. I inquired about the possibility of working with children and possibly with music. However, I […]

  • College Ring-In Experience – Wyatt Snyder

    This article was written by Wyatt Snyder, 2017 College Ring-In Scholarship Recipient. I had an incredible experience at College Ring-In. Many factors contributed to my adventure – working under Michael Joy as our conductor, meeting other ringers from around the nation, and working with them to create beautiful music. Michael Joy was especially enjoyable to […]

  • College Ring-In Experience – Dlaine Miley

    This article was written by Dlaine Miley, 2017 College Ring-In Scholarship Recipient. Handbells have been a part of my life as long as I can remember, from kids choir at church all the way to college and the Baylor Bronze. Rehearsals and performances have been a mainstay through every stage, but when I entered my […]

  • Give Yourself Permission

    This article written by Andrew Dugan, Area 9 Membership Chair As we conclude another harried holiday season, I want to encourage you to stop and take a moment to pause and reflect on the good, the bad, and, sometimes, the ugly that has happened over the past 366 days. Yes, in case you forgot, we […]