Welcome to Area 9

Uniting people in Oklahoma and Texas to create a diverse community in which handbell musicians of all skill levels realize their full potential through a musically respected art form.

Summit 2020

A handbell event for soloists to large choirs – what a sweet treat in the heart of Texas!

Spring Ring

Four locations, three pieces of music, and two registration optios all equal one amazing day of making music with friends.

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Handbells: They’re Not Just for Church Anymore

This article written by Russell Miller, Area 9 Secretary There was a time, in the not so distant past, when about the only place you’d find a set of handbells (and a group of folks to play them) was in church.  Oh, there might be an occasional community group or...

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Rehearsal as a Respite from Conflict

This article written by Ruth Seiwell, Past-Chair Conflict seems to be a sign of the times currently. It is a sad statement but one that may strengthen our beliefs and help us to overcome hard times in our own lives. I personally have family members who are in the...

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Freshen Up Your Bell Concerts

This article written by Chris Burton, Area 9 Treasurer I’m going to tell you everything you’re doing wrong in your concert planning. Ok, not really, but I do feel like it is a good idea to take a fresh look at our programming from time to time to make sure that it is...

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Knowing Your Mission

This article written by Dellinda Ebeling, Area 9 Chair Elect When looking back on my Christmas ringing experiences, I remember the hours spent with fellow musicians, practicing new music, and laughing with friends. In preparation for a season filled with firsts, I...

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Why Do We Ring?

This article written by Patty Highland, Area 9 Chair It seems like the right season to be asking this, as we are in the midst of holiday preparations, parties, activities, and other good cheer. Why ring and add to the busyness of the season? Take a moment to pause and...

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