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Uniting people in Oklahoma and Texas to create a diverse community in which handbell musicians of all skill levels realize their full potential through a musically respected art form.

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Chime Loan Program Accepting Applications

by Jill FiteArea 9 Education Chair The Chime Loan Program was established by Area 9 in 2003 in order to promote the use of handchimes and handbells in educational settings in the states of Oklahoma and Texas. Two three-octave sets of chimes are loaned each school...

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HANDBELL RINGER SPOTLIGHT – The Princess in the Choir

by Jill FiteArea 9 Education ChairDo you have a princess in your handbell choir?  Many of you will think:  YES, I have a ringer who THINKS she is a princess, WANTS to be a princess, BELIEVES she should be treated like a princess, or TRIES to dominate the choir like...

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Handbells: They’re Not Just for Church Anymore

This article written by Russell Miller, Area 9 Secretary There was a time, in the not so distant past, when about the only place you’d find a set of handbells (and a group of folks to play them) was in church.  Oh, there might be an occasional community group or...

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Rehearsal as a Respite from Conflict

This article written by Ruth Seiwell, Past-Chair Conflict seems to be a sign of the times currently. It is a sad statement but one that may strengthen our beliefs and help us to overcome hard times in our own lives. I personally have family members who are in the...

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